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Our goal is to make you feel that you have full control of your home.       


- Monthly package 

- From 60 euros/month 

  • 2 visits/month

          - Re​ports of break-ins

          - Air out house, avoiding  


          - Watering plants  

  •  Mailbox                           

          - Copies sent of your mail

          - Translations   

  • Key holding

  • General management

          - Making sure everything

            works as it should

  • Cleaning & Laundry service

          - Charged seperately

  • Pool and garden maintenance

           - Charged separately

  • Welcome package

          - We prepare your home

              with heating, water,

             fridge/freezer when you

             arrive to Portugal        

  • 24 hour emergency contact       



We take care of everything that has to do with your rental, including the entire process of making it legal

- Silver Prop charges 30% of the rental income 

  • Licensing and registration of your property (AL) 

          - We help you register you

              property as a legal rental

  • Professional fotographing

  • Advertising online

          - Airbnb, Booking etc. 

  • Management of schedule and reservations

  • Check-ins and check-outs

  • Cleaning and laundry

  • All contact with accountant

          - Issue mandatory receipts to


          - Reporting all of your

             guests to SEF (Immigration)

          - Modelo 30 & 21

          - Legal demands           

          - Tax information                    ​​

ointar 3.jpg


We help you with arranging local professional workers and constructors.

Our services are adjusted to you needs.


- 24 euro/hour 

  • Arrange workers​

        - Plumbing, heating, electricity,

            carpentry etc.

         - We have a wide arrange of

            professional workers​​

  • Arrange constructors

          - We work with local serious

             constructors for bigger or

             smaller renovations

  • IKEA-transports (from 150€)

          - 20% cheaper than IKEA

          - Montaging (charged separately)

  • Internet and TV

  • etc


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